Inexpensive Options: Flower Food

Today's green post is about saving some green – both in your flowers and in your wallet!

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Photo Courtesy of:

Martha Stewart

This is a cool tip that I found in a recent issue of Real Simple magazine. Flowers, like people need food to grow and flourish. Most of time you just buy a bunch of flowers at the supermarket and it comes with a little packet of flower food. But what if you, like all budget weddingistas, buys your flowers in bulk (at cost) from a local grower then you are poo out of luck when it comes to the little packets of flower crack.

Now, you could buy the floral additive at Floralife – it's not very expensive (though you will have to pay shipping). OR! You could simply mix up your batch of flowery goodness right in your kitchen from common household products:

-1 Quart warm water
-1 teaspoon sugar
-Juice form half a lemon
-A few drops of bleach

Double or triple as needed and go to town, baby!