Inexpensive Options: Groom’s Edition

It's that time again! Inexpensive wedding attire options for el groomo.

A current trend that I totally support is the choice of many couples to have the groom wear a really nice suit instead of a tuxedo. I totally agree with this choice for a number of reasons:

1) Every guy needs one good suit.

2) It used to be that the cost of a nice suit would run you the same as a down payment on a new home. But not anymore! Major retailers like Target, Walmart, and Macy's are carrying lines of nicely cut but affordable suits.

3) A bride in a full tulle ballgown does not look mismatched next to a groom in really good-looking and well tailored suit.

4) It's summertimetime – relax. Now is the time to sport khakis, light wool, or even lose the suit jacket!

So today, I am showing you three options for the groom – all under $150.00.

Option #1 (Total Cost of Outfit – $124.43):


*1. Black Stripe Wool Suit Separates from Target. *2. Lavendar Yarn Dyed Poplin Shirt from Target. *3. Purple Microfiber Tie and Hanky Set from Target. *4. Black Oxford from Payless.

Option #2 (Total Cost of Outfit – $137.73):


*1. Khaki Loose-Fit Twill Pants from Old Navy. *2. Orange Shirt & Tie Box Set from Walmart. *3. Brown Corduroy Blazer from Old Navy. *4. Orange Cotton-cashmere V-neck Sweater from J Crew. *5. Brown Boat Shoe from Payless.

Option #3 (Total Cost of Outfit – $152.95):


*1. Taupe Premium Wool Suit Separates from Target. *2. Grey and Blue Striped Spread Collar Dress Shirt from Target. *3. Slate Blue Everyday Necktie Big Dot Tie from Me and Matilda. *4. Black Oxford from Payless.