Inexpensive Options: Groom’s Rings

While I often advocate spending very little money on your wedding because it only lasts a day – I also understand there are a few items where you should splurge. These few items are the ones that last long past the streamers, the champagne toasts, and the centerpieces. They are the photography, the videography, and the rings. KMT believes that if you are going to spend money on anything at your wedding – invest it in these items. However, that doesn't mean that you can't try to score an awesome deal on them!

The Boy and I saved a bundle on my engagement ring and wedding band by shopping around. We also learned that many couples choose to save money on the groom's wedding band because lots of men hold jobs that prohibit them from wearing metal (for example, The Boy is a high-voltage electrician and metal + electricity = VERY BAD). Should you be one of those grooms – consider a lesser known (but still great quality) metal like stainless steel or titanium. These metals are attractive but can cost hundreds less than platinum. If you're interested in the more traditional gold wedding band then go for a lesser karat (like 14 or 18). Not only do these cost much less but they resist wear better than higher karats.

Here's a cool round-up of men's wedding bands – all for under $25.00:


*1. Titanium Satin Finish Grooved Ring ($23.49). *2. Black Titanium Ring with Painted Tribal Design ($24.95). *3. Titanium Carbon Fiber Inlay Ring ($23.99). *4. Titanium Polished Milgrain Edge Ring ($13.99). *5. 6MM Stainless Steel Gold Plated Wedding Band ($6.95). *6. Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 9MM 18K Gold ($14.99). *7. Stainless Steel Rose Gold Plated Wedding Band ($6.95). *8. 18K Gold Plated 4 mm Wide Wedding Band ($22.99).

Have any of you scored an excellent deal on the groom's ring? What did you consider an acceptable wedding band budget? Did you learn any great money-saving tips while ring shopping? Do share!

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