Inexpensive Options: Groomsmen Gifts

I got today's post topic as a request from someone who follows me on Twitter (you are too, right? Because y'all – I'm funny. I will be your everything.). Anyhoo, I was asked to come up with a bunch of potential gifts for the groomsmen ('cause the groom was kinda slackin' in that department and time was of the essence). So I decided to channel my dudeness, put one some of The Boy's undies, and came up with this mini round-up (all for under $30):

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*1. Boston Bruins T-Shirt (Take the opportunity to flaunt your team!). *2. Texas Irons Single Letter Steak Branding Irons (Every dude loves grilling and eevry dude loves branding stuff.). *3. Moleskine: Pac-Man Gift Set (Need to write something down? PAC-MAN TO THE RESCUE!). *4. The Pacific DVD Set (Did they love "Band of Brothers"? Then They will LOVE this.). *5. The Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails (Boys + Booze = Happy). *6. Golfer's Cigar Holder (Guys + Golf + Cigars = Barney Stinson Levels of Happiness). *7. Fenway Park Metal Arrow Sign (Take the opportunity to flaunt your team…AGAIN!).

Hope that helps! So readers, are you also looking for groomsmen gifts? Have you already found them? Or are you so stressed out with everything else that if the groom doesn't take care of this himself – there may not be a wedding? Let's start a conversation in the comments.