Inexpensive Options: Honeymoon Edition

Today, KMT is tackling honeymoons – specifically, the weekend honeymoon. This is a great way to save money – go to a fantastic locale but only stay a few days! To help the ladies feel fantastic on that quickie weekend getaway, KMT has gathered a weekend's worth of outfits (+ a carry-on bag!) for a lovely little (beach, country, or city) honeymoon. These combination can, of course, be washed so the combos below could actually work for a full week – should you be inclined.

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Image Courtesy of: Florida Tech Blog

The key to a fab weekend wardrobe is to have several options available to you at all times and having it all fit into a single carry-on (to save on airlines checked baggage fees, of course!). To accomplish this (no small) feat, remember the following while packing:

  • Try on everything you're planning on packing BEFORE the trip. Anything that doesn't fit right or makes you feel less than great should be nixed – if you hate it in your bedroom then you'll really hate it after a big tapas meal.
  • Big picture thinking. Everything in your suitcase should be able to work together – no matter the combination. So skip those perfect heels that only work with that one pair of jeans. They'll just take up space that can be used for sexy lingerie or some great souvenirs.
  • Think sensible. Light colors tend to look better the second time around than darks and knits travel better than woven. That linen shift dress may be gorge and go with everything but do you really wanna mess with those wrinkles when you could be makin' out?
  • Thin is best…when it comes to clothes to pack. Two thin items should always trump one bulky piece. This gives you more options (and if you get cold – you can always layer…or cuddle).
  • Quality not quantity. Do not allow yourself more than three pairs of shoes TOTAL – no matter the length of your trip. That means one on your feet and two in your carry-on. Shoes are bulky and difficult to pack around. Sticking to three pairs will force you to only take your favorites (read: most comfortable) and therefore, the most versatile.  

Here's three looks for three different honeymoon locales and all for under $300.00 TOTAL:

The Country Weekend Honeymoon (Total Cost – $281.73):

Look chic in Vermont, Denver, or Tahoe with this collection – suitable for hanging out by the fire, nature excursions, and antiquing.

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*1. Casauri Citra Carry-All Weekender. *2. Twill Cargos. *3. Rewash 5-Pocket Fit N’ Flare Jeans W/ Yarn Stitch Pocket. *4. Rib-Knit Trim Camp Shirt. *5. Mossimo Supply Co. Lightweight Plaid Top. *6. Marled Tie-Belt Cardigan. *7. Perfect Rib-Knit Tank. *8. Perfect Tee. *9. Xhilaration Sandi Canvas Boat Shoes. *10. Two Lips Suede Lace-Up Maxim Boots. *11. Beaded Hoops. *12. XOXO Oversize Hobo Bag W/ Silver-Tone Studs. *13. Denim Jacket. *14. Tweed Cloche Hat.

The Beach Weekend Honeymoon for Her (Total Cost – 289.61):

Look chic in Hawaii, Malibu, or St. Thomas with this collection – suitable for sunset strolls, laying on the beach, and lazy brunches.

 092011 a

1. Double Dutch Club Luggage Kaleidoscope Satchel. *2. Jamaican Style Halter Bikini With Side-Tie Bottoms. *3. Kali Girlz Turquoise Triangle Top Bikini. *4. Faux-Leather Thong Sandals. *5. Classic Metallic Flip-Flops. *6. Tropical Trends Woven Stripe Beachy Bag. *7. Mossimo Supply Co. Lace Cami. *8. Mossimo Supply Co. Long & Lean Tank. *9. Beaded Bracelets. *10. Cat's-Eye Sunglasses. *11. Plain-Front Twill Trousers. *12. Dazzle with Color Top. *13. Calypos St. Barth for Target 3/4-Sleeved Sequined Tunic in Milan Aqua. *14. Ruffle-Top Dress. *15. Plaid Madras Shorts. *16. Summerweight Chino Short. *17. Lightweight Tie-Front Sweater Vest. *18. Smith & Hawken Floppy Straw Gardening Hat. *19. Fancy Straw Clutch. *20. White Hawaiian Print Pareo.

The City Weekend Honeymoon (Total Cost – $299.10):

Look chic in Chicago, New York City, or Montreal with this collection – suitable for shopping, theater going, and sightseeing.

 092011 b

*1. Jenni Chan Bows City Duffle. *2. Skinny Sateen Flare Trousers. *3. Mossimo TRS Pencil Skirt. *4. ASOS Mini Skirt with Sequins. *5. Xhilaration Belted Pencil Skirt. *6. Perfect Rib-Knit Tank. *7. Max Rave Short-Sleeve Mock Neck Top. *8. Mossimo Cowl Neck Top. *9. Kenneth Cole Reation Fold-Over Patent Snake Print Clutch. *10. Mossimo Prue Heeled Platform Sandals. *11. Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flats. *12. Metal Bangles. *13. Large Fringe Drop Earrings. *14. Canvas Trench Coat. *15. Merona Square Print Tote.

Are any of you doing a quickie honeymoon to save money? Is anyone investing in clothing for the honeymoon? Are you attaching it to your wedding budget or is that separate? Share Away!