Inexpensive Options: Mature Bride’s Edition

This week I am tackling the mature bride (not literally, that could result in a law suit and embarrassing photos). These days, brides are truly coming in all ages and they all want to look tasteful…even on a budget. And I see no good reason for a late-in-life bride (or second or third time around gal) to feel like they should be forced to wear somber colors or a drab suit simply because they aren't twenty anymore! Bring on the tasteful sleeveless and colors…because you deserve it (and you're awesome enough to pull it off!).

I've come up with some great mature bride options for under $175.00:

Option #1 (Total Cost of Outfit – $140.57):


*1. Silk dupioni dress from J Crew. *2. Grey shoes from Payless. *3. Silver clutch from Target. *4. Faux-pearl choker from Old Navy. *5. Faux-pearl stud earrings from Old Navy.

Option #2 (Total Cost of Outfit – $172.95):


*1. Grey dress from J Crew. *2. Knee high boots from Payless. *3. Black clutch from Payless. *4. Long beaded necklace from Payless. *5. Green beaded earrings from Payless.

Option #3 (Total Cost of Outfit – $81.46):


*1. Blue wrap dress from Target. *2. T-strap pump from Payless. *3. Grey clutch from Target. *4. Cubic zirconia pendant from Old Navy. *5. Cubic zirconia stud earrings from Old Navy.