Inexpensive Options: Mature Groom’s Edition

Here's the thing about guys (aside from that need to NOT ask for directions, race the car next to them, and consider Spam a major food group…). They can pull off traditional wedding attire at ANY age. Women have to watch out for hemlines, cleavage, and arms but men – suit, tie, shoes, done.

But! That does not mean that the mature groom can pull of the same colors or cuts as his younger counterparts. So, I have come up with some options for the mature groom that come in under $175.00:

Option #1 (Total Cost of outfit – $126.48):


*1. Black dress pants from Walmart. *2. Grey stripe dress shirt from Old Navy. *3. Black blazer from Old Navy. *4. Dress oxfords from Walmart. *5. Green polka dot tie from Matilda and Me.

Option #2(Total Cost of Outfit – $117.55):


*1. Black stripe suit from Target. *2. White button-down shirt from Old Navy. *3. Black oxford shoes from Payless. *4. Tie and pocket hankie set from Target.

Option #3 (Total Cost of Outfit – $131.58):


*1. Grey cord blazer from Old Navy. *2. Grey cord slacks from Old Navy. *3. Blue and white striped shirt from Old Navy. *4. Woven slip-on shoe from Payless. *5. Blue tie and cufflink gift set from Target.