Inexpensive Options: Wedding Attire for Bridesmaids

1. Pick a choice of colors and cuts. Stick to 3 of each and work with the group to make sure you get a pleasing finished look. Every party has that one girl who looks great in anything so I'd concentrate on clothing the "harder" bodies (i.e. pregnant, very tall, curvy, etc) first. Just a note, pencil or A-line skirts look great on everyone, as do wrap dresses and tailored shirtdresses.

2. It's important to match your attire to the season and it will make budget dress hunting easier for you and your 'maids. Still dying for a minidress in November? Pick one in a heavy material (wool blend, sweater-y, etc) and pair it with knee-height boots and tights. And possibly a shawl or wrap.

3. Budget. Just because you've alloted $100 per bridesmaid outfit for your ladies does not mean that they can swing those funds. Have an honest conversation with each lady individually about how much you were thinking of as an outfit budget and what types of clothing you are considering. Someone might have a part of the outfit (i.e. knee-high boots, a cashmere wrap, etc) already in their closet. Someone else moght be able to do a little browsing and find budget options below your original estimate. But sometimes, someone simply cannot afford to be in your wedding. And that's okay.

4. Seriously, will never be woren again. Stop dreamin'.

To help you Brides out, I browsed around and find pretty and seasonally appropriate bridesmaid outfits (top to bottom) for under $100. Here's what I came up with:

Option #1 (total cost of outfit – $99.16):

Old Navy Braided Trim Dress in Brown – $34.50:
021908 a
(This comes in all sizes, from XXS to XXL, and will cover any bra strap!)

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Olive Mary Jane Pumps in Brown – $20.99 (On Sale):
021908 b
(This shoes is super cute and stylish and it will allow your 'maids to stand and dance in comfort.)

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Metallic Frame Clutch in Bright Pink – $9.99:
021908 c
(Small but compact, this clutch makes a big impact against the neutral palette of the dress.)

Old Navy Lightweight Printed Scarves in Brown/Pink Geo – $9.50:
021908 d
(This scarf would look great wrapped around the waist of the dress or tied up in an updo.)

Target Xhilaration Hoop Earrings in Pink – $7.19:
021908 e
(Cute and sparkly!)

Target 5-Strand Beaded Stretch Bracelet in Pinks – $8.99:
021908 f
(Pile them all up on one arm or distribute one to each attendant.)

Miss Fickle Media's Pink Bird in Branches on Brown – $8.00:
021908 g
(So chic and you'll be supported a handmade artisian!)

Option #2 (total cost of outfit – $100.98):

J Crew Emily Silk Chiffon Dress in Vintage Blue – $49.99:
021908 h
(Pricey – yes, but totally lovely and very wearable for all body types. Wait for a big clearance sale or check ebay.)

Old Navy Women's Metallic Braided Sandals in Pewter – $15.00 (On Sale):
021908 i
(Metallics are easy on the eyes and will allow the dress to really pop.)

Old Navy Wooden-Handle Clutches in Giraffe Print – $19.50:
021908 j
(A metallic clutch would have overwhelmed this outfit so a tasteful animal print is perfect.)

Old Navy Clear Knotted Necklace – $8.99 (On Sale):
021908 k
(Stylish but doesn't steal focus from the fab dress.)

Old Navy Double-Disk Drop Earrings in Silver – $7.50:
021908 l
(Okay, okay. This takes the outfit overbudget by $1.00…so wait for them to go on sale!)

Option #3 (total cost of outfit – $96.97):

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Geo Print Wrap Dress in Extreme Blue – $39.99:
021908 m
(Perfect for a colorful or modern wedding!)

Old Navy Faux-Pearl Chokers – $9.50:
021908 n
(Simple, chic, and doesn't compete with the dress.)

Old Navy Rhinestone Stud Earrings – $7.50:
021908 o
(Rhinestone studs keeps this outfit from becoming too Hamptons.)

Target Xhilaration Elongated Clutch in White – $14.99:
021908 p
(This slick clutch matches the clean lines of the dress.)

Target Mossimo Drew Point-Toe Pumps in Black – $24.99:
021908 q
(Simple pumps will elongate your attendant's legs and make every lady's gams look awesome!)