J Crew Round-up

I love J Crew. For some people its affordable – not me. The only way that I can afford a T-shirt is to haunt the clearance section until one becomes availble. However, compared to most wedding gear, the stuff at J Crew is great style at a great price (an added bonus is that most everything comes in size 0-16 + petites and talls. Yes, fashion world – women come in ALL sizes!!!). Here's a quick round-up of some of my favorite J Crew items from the women's sale section:

Flutter-Flower Clutch – $69.99:

051010 b

Flowerette Sash – $19.99:

051010 c

Silk Chiffon Sophia Dress in Sweet Cantalope – $59.99:

051010 d

Cascade Ruffle Dress in Dark Pewter – $63.60:

051010 e 

Silk Tricotine Robin Long Dress in Ivory – $250.00:

051010 f 
 Ribbon-and-Rope Necklace in Metallic Blush – $19.99:

051010 g 

Stained-Glass Drop Earrings in Metallic Blush – $24.99:

051010 h