Make-up: My Eyelash Extensions Experience (or How I Became RuPaul)

Right after The Boy and I got engaged in January, the newest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings came out (and I, of course, had to own it). One of the articles in there was with a professional make-up artist who was giving some great advice on what speciality services brides should splurge on (and ones to save on) for The Big Day. One of the biggies for her was getting eyelash extensions. According to her, lash extensions were a must-do because they made your eyes huge, you didn't have to worry about smearing your mascara, and they were waterproof (perfect for a beach honeymoon).

So I thought, why not? Then, only a few short weeks later – a Living Social deal* popped up in my inbox. For eyelash extensions! $25 for a full sent of semi-permanent cluster eyelash extensions (normally $80). Sold! And this last week, I got in there and got 'em done – here's the Before and the After (for your viewing pleasure):

080911 a 080911 b

Dude. From a distance, these babies are INSANE!

The eyelash extension experience was odd. Half of it was good and half of it was really unprofessional (something I find incredibly frustrating). On the good side, the attendant pulled everything out and explained the process to me, told me that the lashes were human hair (ew?), and that the results would be very dramatic. She also happily answered all my questions post-appointment. Cool.

On the bad side, the room was kinda icky. And the attendant was on her cell phone the entire time. Super unprofessional and a bit worrisome when she was chatting and using tweezers around my eyes. Uncool.

080911 c 

In the close-up, you can see that these cluster-style eyelashes are super dramatic. I think if I do this for my wedding that I'll go for the more expensive (but very natural looking) single lash extensions. Also, these are super itchy. Like, SUPER itchy… and I already have crow's feet, y'all, I do not need to be rubbing on my eyes all the time.

080911 d 

And another thing, I have no clue if it's because I got the cluster lashes and not the single lashes but – mine aren't waterproof. Like, at all. I'm not supposed to stand directly under the water in the shower, swim, or sweat. Which makes washing my face twice a day, wade fishing, and working out next to impossible. Which are all things that I do – a lot of. So, basically – while I like the idea of eyelash extensions… I'm thinking that they are too high-maintenance for me.

What I do think that I'll do is trying putting on single lashes on my own. Craftyminx introduced me to this video:

Good right? So how about it Tulle Nation? Are any of you planning on splurging on any make-up or spa services prior to your wedding day? Anyone had eyelash extensions? What was your experience like? Fire away, y'all!