Melanie at 3 Weeks

HA! I did it! I got Melanie's Three Week Old update done ON TIME! Take that parenthood! P.S. I promise that I'll only be doing weekly baby updates for this first month. Once we hit four weeks, I'll move to doing them once a month.

Melanie at 3 Weeks

Age: 3 Weeks
Favorite Foods:
Solidly on breastmilk. We didn't need a single drop of formula this week.
Favorite Sounds: Responding to lots of different people's voices now… but still loves Daddy's voice best.
Favorite Things and Activities: Her minky blanet from Auntie Amanda, Daddy's beard, and taking rides in the car.
Least Favorite Activities: Sleeping in her crib, dirty diapers, and not being held.
Signature Moves: Not sleeping in her crib – EVER, pulling her head back (with Mommy's nipple) while she nurses, and waving her arms around when she hears Daddy's voice.
Mommy's Best Moment: First trip outside the house without anyone but the two of us… just a five minute trip to get diapers but still! Winning!
Daddy's Best Moment: Waking her up with cheek kisses and belly rubs and then bailing for work.
Mommy and Daddy's Not-So-Best Moments: Mommy scratched her belly good with her ring. Oops.

What about y'all? How was your baby's third week?

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