Music: Great First Dance Options

Today’s post was completely inspired by this post from the awesome Nicole over at Big Day for Under $10k. She listed some of the songs that she wants played at her wedding. At Nicole’s wedding, she and Mr. Man will be enjoying their first dance as a married couple to Randy Newman’s “You Got a Friend in Me” (from “Toy Story”). I loved that! Way to pick a familiar song and include it in your wedding in a totally non-traditional way. After all, how many more times can anyone handle hearing Celine Dion yowl her way through “My Heart Will Go On”?


Image Courtesy of: Luster Studios

My mind immediately strated churning and thinking of other awesome, non-traditional First Dance songs (that are still appropriate enough for Nana!). Here's some that I came up with:

  1. Bruno Mars – Just The Way you Are: Current yet fun for everyone! This song pretty much sums up why people marry each other – I'm marrying you because I like everything about you.
  2. Billy Joel – To Make You Feel My Love: There are many, many versions fo this song but this is my favorite. Great lyrics, smooth arrangement, and super sexy.
  3. Linda Eder – Everything I Do (I Do It For You): Forget the over-the-top Bryan Adams version. Linda delivers a stripped down and sweetly innocent version of this song that showcases the simple and pointed lyrics.
  4. Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation: Slow songs not your thing? Try this one on for size! The opening lyric says it all, “A little less conversation, a little more action”.
  5. Adam Sandler – Grow Old With You: One of those songs that makes you say “aaaah”. Sandler at his most charming.
  6. Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Another cool and retro upbeat song for the non-slow dancers. This would be fun to choreograph an little sumpin', sumpin' to.
  7. Toby Keith – You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This: An awesome song if you were friends first and then became a couple.
  8. Jersey Boys – Who Loves You: This version is from the wildly popular Broadway musical and is really fun, really catchy, and really upbeat!
  9. Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire: Written as a love song between Johnny and June, this song is perfect for a couple that likes to two-step.
  10. Juice Newton – The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known): I freaking love this song. It's raw and rich and the lyrics are perfect for the modern couple.

Do you know your first dance song? Are you going with any of the ones listed above? Why did you pick the one that you did? Share away!