Music: Totally Cool Processional Songs

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Today’s post was completely inspired by this post from the awesome Nicole over at Big Day for Under $10k. She listed some of the songs that she wants played at her wedding.

At Nicole’s wedding, she's debating what songs to use for those important moments at the reception, like the First Dance (we tackled it a bit here), the Mother/Son Dance (here’s our list of possibilities) and the Daddy/Daughter Dance (here’s a few of our ideas).

Here's some that I came up with (do you want to be the billionth couple to use Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” as your non-traditional processional song?).

Totally Cool Processional Songs

Nicole has been trying to use familiar but not totally traditional songs. We love that idea and want to show you some options for your ceremony – specifically, the processional.

Traditionally, the processional is the part of the ceremony where everyone walks down the aisle and starts the whole shindig. All that is generally done to the tune, “Here Comes the Bride” (also known as “The Wedding March”, or the “Bridal Chorus”, or “Treulich geführt”).

After reading some of Nicole’s ideas, my mind immediately started churning and thinking of other awesome and unusual processional song possibilities.

Here's some that I came up with (because really, do you want to be the billionth couple to use Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” as your non-traditional processional song?):

  • Joss Stone – L-O-V-E: You love this song, yes? Joss's sexy, smoky voice + the awesome lyrical content = an ahMAZing stroll down the aisle.
  • Ingrid Michaelson – You and I: Used by the delightful craftyminx at her wedding, I'm totally seeing this as a kick off for the ceremony where You and I become Me.
  • Linda Eder – Bridge Over Troubled Water: Linda's verison of this Simon & Garfunkel tune is raw and pure and really gets to the core of the song's intent, “I will always be there for you”.
  • Ben Harper – Forever: Lots of people use this song for their first dance. Why not shake things up a bit and use it as your walkin; down the aisle song?
  • Dixie Chicks – Cowboy Take Me Away: A perfect processional song for the country couple (especially if one part of the couple is a city “mouse” marrying a counrty “mouse).
  • Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: I think that this song would be the COOLEST for a couple who were teenage sweethearts. Brings a smile to your face, doesn't it?
  • Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – Home: a lovely little song that is so sweet it'll make your teeth hurt from smilin' as you make that walk.
  • Bruno Mars – Marry You: Whee! The funnest song ever (AND it makes church bells sound hip!). Ingore the (slightly) trashy lyrics and concentrate on the pop-y tune and fun chorus.
  • Gramercy Arms – Looking at the Sun: Any “Chuck” fans out there? ‘Member when Ellie had to have TWO weddings because Chevy Chase tried to kill Chuck at the first one??? Such a good show. Anyhoo, this is the dee-lightful song that played during her second wedding. It's a cutie!
  • Dropkick Murphys – Forever: This song is a must play at any New England wedding (this is a SUPER popular band in that region) – but is usually used as a first dance selection.

Brides and grooms, do you know what song you'll be using to signal that trek down the aisle? Will you be using one song or an assortment of tunes? Are you going with any of the ones listed above? Why did you pick the one that you did? Share away!