Music: Unique Daddy/Daughter Dance Songs

Today’s post was completely inspired by this post from the awesome Nicole over at Big Day for Under $10k. She listed some of the songs that she wants played at her wedding. At Nicole’s wedding, she's debating what song she wants to have as her Daddy/Daughter dance (P.S. I am totally on board with the whole Daddy thing – my dad is from the South, where every girl calls her dad “Daddy”. If that icks you out then simply replace every mention of Daddy/Daughter with Father/Daughter. Okay? Okay.). Nicole is thinking of using a familiar but not totally traditional song. After all, how many more times can anyone handle hearing that damn “Butterfly Kisses” song?


Image Courtesy of: Chennergy

My mind immediately strated churning and thinking of other awesome & unusual Daddy/Daughter dance songs. Here's some that I came up with:


Image Courtesy of: Helen Peabody

Just a Note: At several of the weddings that I have attended in the past couple of years, I've seen a really sweet little thing that I hope moves from a trend to a tradition. During the Daddy/Daughter dance, the first verse and chorus are danced as a solo for the Bride and the Father of the Bride. Then the Master of Ceremonies opens the dance floor up to ALL daddies and daughters to join in the dancing. This is a GREAT opportunity for fab photos and lasting memories – I would encourage you to give it a shot at your reception.

Brides, do you know what song you'll be dancing to? Are you going with any of the ones listed above? Why did you pick the one that you did? Share away!