My Favorite Things From 2016

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I've reached the point as a blogger that roughly half my income comes from “sponsored posts” (basically, people pay me to tell you about products that I like). I also make money from something called “affiliate sales” (which earns me a tiny percentage of a sale if I introduce the product to you and you use my link to buy it). The vast majority of these income streams involve me trying out a product and then sharing a craft or recipe with you or just offer my opinion or tips. I try very hard as a blogger to only accept opportunities for companies or brands that I genuinely like and already use. However, sometimes, I'm given the chance to try out something new – sometimes, I'm meh about it and sometimes… I LOVE IT. I'm frequently asked about these products so I thought that as an end of the year treat, I'd share with y'all what new things I tried this year that I really, truly love.

My Favorite Things From 2016

My Favorite Things From 2016 #StitchFix #BlueApron #TotalGym #NatureMade #WaterWipes #Amope #Tresemme #Instax #Cricut #StellaDot #Minted #Mixbook

Stitch Fix: LURVE IT. I've been converted, y'all. I was incredibly dubious about them having my size clothing and whether or not the stylist would be able to figure out my (lack of) style. But they did and she did and OMG YAY! Read more about my experience with it here.

Tresemme Reverse System: Okay, full disclosure, I never got this as an opportunity but I know a lot of beauty bloggers who did and lost. their. shit. over it. When these ladies rave about a product in blogging groups – you know it's good stuff. I've been using it for two months now and I really like how full my super fine, flat hair has become.

Minted: I've been sharing this company's wedding invitations for years but this was the first year that I used them for holiday cards. Not only did I love the designs and gorgeous heavyweight of the paper they were printed on, I'm still getting random positive comments from people who received them. And not having to address them myself? SCORE.

Blue Apron: This is one that my husband also completely adores and keeps asking when we're getting a new box. As a work-from-home mom with two little kids, I love cooking from scratch but HATE the planning and grocery shopping involved. This subscription box was a God send to me after the birth of Finn.

Nature Made Probiotics: So, this was one were I just assumed that since I regularly eat fiber and drink lots of water that I would be fine pooping. Um, WRONG. I used these every day for a month and love how much better my gut felt (and how regular I was – like clockwork!). Read more about them here.

Instax Camera: I'll admit, I've wanted one of these for years but practical ol' me just could not pull the trigger and buy one. When I received one in this box, I was delighted and Melanie and I have been playing with it ever since.

Stella & Dot Jewelry: I wore a bracelet for my wedding and this year, I got a cool pendant necklace plus a gorgeous statement necklace from them. I wear all three endlessly and love them so much that I'm planning to make a few purchases from their Coveted line in 2017.

Cricut Explore Air: I have wanted a Cricut since the company started making them waaaay back during my scrapbook years. I became an ambassador this year and cannot stop making stuff! I particularly love doing iron-on designs and making magnets.

Mixbook Canvases: I love canvas prints and have always just bought whatever was cheapest via a LivingSocial deal. Then, Mixbook sent me some after Finn was born and I changed my tune. These canvases are such amazing quality and hang up so easily! I have two enormous ones over the changing table and two smaller ones in Melanie's art gallery.

Amope: Another one that I did not actually receive myself but went out and bought one after every beauty blogger I know couldn't stop talking about it. I hate shoes so my feet are perpetually disgusting. This baby worked like a charm! In under 5 minutes, my feet were smooth and callous-free.

Total Gym: I got this last month for a post next month with the idea that I would use it and show y'all how it works. Here's the thing though, since I started using it, I've donated all my other fitness equipment and only use this. My husband loves it, too. Look for a full post on why on January 2nd.

WaterWipes: I became a year-long ambassador this these wipes right after Finn was born and, at first, I was just happy to not have to shell out for more baby stuff. BUt, after using them exclusively on my super-sensitive skinned baby, I'm delighted to say that I'm a convert. They're totally on my Amazon Family shopping list.