One Day in December

From Orly Landon: We just can’t help ourselves, one good idea, 50 emails and plenty of thoughts later, we came up with our very own version of an advent calendar. Who is we? Well we are 23 Wedding Businesses from around the world who are run by inspirational people always willing to help, support and educate. We all met on the TWIPS site and it grew from there, regularly visiting each other blogs to offer encouragement, support and friendship.


Starting from the 9th December you will be able to read a post from each of us right through to the 31st December (not in a wahoo look at us but in a if we can then you can too kind of way. If you visit one of the blogs and you are touched by what you have read, then please comment, tweet or share in any way that you can and if you’d like to be part of the TWIPS then just click here . Acquaintances come and go but a true friendship can last a lifetime.

We hope you enjoy!

One Day In December Honor Roll
09th Dec} Shannon {Shannon Kelly Photography}
10th Dec} Cris {Kiss my Tulle}
11th Dec} Layla {Simply Savannah Events}
12th Dec} Amanda {Bacidesigner}
13th Dec} Allie {Honey Bee Invites}
14th Dec} Jen {Blush Printables}
15th Dec} Colleen {Soundtrack to Ido}
16th Dec} Shaffone {Making your Event Special}
17th Dec} Wendy {Wendy Ramos Photography}
18th Dec} Louise {Bijoux Bride}
19th Dec} Chandra {Oh Lovely Day}
20th Dec} Emma {Aphrodites Weddings}
21st Dec} Lisshan {Wrapper Couture}
22nd Dec} Ilse {Secret Jewel}
23rd Dec} Jessica {Two Wedding Belles}
24th Dec} Krissy {Make Believen}
25th Dec} Alicia {The Charity Wedding}
26th Dec} Orly {Intimate Wedding Photography}
27th Dec} Adrienne {Ruffles and Tweed}
28th Dec} Sandra {The White Library}
29th Dec} Tara {Cut the Cake Designs}
30th Dec} Laura {Laura Lavender}
31st Dec} Kewain {NolaBelles Soirees}