Outfits For Our Walt Disney World Family Photo Shoot

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Remember how last May, my kids and I did a little photo shoot while we were at Disneyland? Well, I loved the experience so much that we're doing it again when we go to Walt Disney World in a couple of weeks. And this time, we're making my husband join us.

That means that I'm trying to pull together our family looks for the shoot.

Here's an idea of what I'm thinking of. These potential outfits for our Walt Disney World family photo shoot incorporate some stuff we already own and few new pieces we can enjoy in the future.

We will be doing our photo shoot at EPCOT right before and at sunset.

Texas Mom Blogger, Kiss My Tulle, shares some outfit possibilities for our upcoming #WaltDisneyWorld park family photo shoot! Three differently themed family outfits (Dad, Mom, Daughter, Son) that I think will be great for our #Disney memories! #dsmmc #tmom #disneymom #DisneyCreatorDays #DCD

Outfits For Our Walt Disney World Family Photo Shoot

Okay. So here's what I'm thinking.

My husband wasn't thrilled with the idea of doing super theme-y so I'm thinking we'll be sticking to one kinda theme-y look, a colorful casual look, and a fun formal look (because Melanie and I both have fabulous sequined dresses we need to wear).

One other thing – my husband and I are not small or even average people. We are L A R G E and frankly, there are not a lot of options for fat people out there.

Not only did I need to find clothes that would fit us, they also had to be breathable, be something we would wear again, and be affordable since we'd rather spend our money on Disney park experiences than on clothes.

So, with those things in mind – here's what I came up with for us:

Themed Disney Park Family Photo Shoot Outfits:

The Boy:

He picked out this Angry Mickey Mouse T-shirt and already owns a comfortable pair of nice jeans. He also has a pair of black flip flops that he really likes but is willing to try these flip flops, too.


I've been looking for a cool Retro Mickey Mouse tank top that didn't make me want to barf for a long time and HERE IT IS! I'm planning to pair it with my favorite denim skirt and maybe these retro Minnie flip flops or my tried and true, trusty plain black ones.


How adorable is this classic grey Mickey T-shirt?!?! I'm going to pair it with some jean shorts and a pair of Mickey Mouse shoes that he already has.


Melanie is WAY into mermaid sequins right now so I already snapped up this mermaid sequin Minnie T-shirt for her to wear. She already has a sweet denim skirt but I'm thinking of picking these Minnie and Mickey kissing shoes, too because – well, ADORABLE.

Casual Disney Park Family Photo Shoot Outfits:

The Boy:

The Boy got this “Taco… Fitness” T-shirt for Christmas and it makes him laugh every time he looks at it. He likes cargo shorts so I though these brown shorts would make him happy (but if not, he has some navy blue gym shorts he likes a lot that would also work).

He'll probably end up just wearing some old sneakers but I'm going to try and get him into a pair of these gray Converse shoes.


I fell in love with this red Buffalo check button down shirt at Old Navy on Black Friday and, even though we were only supposed to be grabbing stuff for the kids, it somehow ended up in our cart. OOPS.

I think to make things easier during the shoot, I'll just rewear my denim skirt and toss on my favorite brown knee high boots (that I'm wearing on the plane to save space in my luggage).


I got this green plaid shirt for Finn months ago to wear in our holiday card plus for Thanksgiving and Christmas. His red hair looks so cute when he wears it so I'm going to keep the rest of his look simple with these brown shorts and yellow shoes.


I'm always on the look out for cute tees for Melanie in bright colors and with positive messages on them so I think this “Always Be Brave” T-shirt would be awesome with her favorite red sequin skirt and signature look pink cowgirl boots.

Formal Disney Park Family Photo Shoot Outfits:

The Boy:

I don't know if I'll be able to get him to wear it but, I'd love to see my husband in this denim style dress shirt (he's more of a T-shirt an shorts kinda guy so…).

Again, to keep things simple, he'll just wear his jeans from the first outfit. He already owns a pair of these dress boots and really likes them.


My mom bought me this FABULOUS green sequin dress for my birthday and y'all bet your sweet, sweet asses that I'm going to wear it for this shoot (paired with my favorite brown knee high boots again because I literally do not own any nice heels).


Finn doesn't really have any nice clothes (we aren't dress up kinda people and don't attend church so there's no need). I did want him to match everyone else formality in the picture but not spend a ton so I snagged this outfit – pants with a dress shirt and vest.

Paired with the yellow shoes from the last outfit, it should look pulled together but adorable on my ginger baby.


Remember how Melanie was struggling so hard with kindergarten? Well, she still is but the first time she had a good day, I gave her this special pink sequin dress that I bought her while I was at the Type-A conference in Chicago. She loves it so much and wore it for our holiday card, Thanksgiving, and on Christmas Eve.

She likes to wear these metallic gold sandals with them. She calls them her wedding shoes because we bought them for her to wear to her cousin's wedding this past July.

So fun, right?!?! I'm open to suggestions though so if you've seen a T-shirt I might like better or you hate the shoes and think they detract from the outfit – PLEASE! Let me know.

I have a couple more weeks to finalize our looks so tell me now.