Packing Your Holiday Travel Toiletry Bag

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Traveling for the holidays? Me, too. We're headed to Alaska for Christmas this year to celebrate with my family and that involves a L O N G flight. That's okay though. We always bring our carry-ons and a bag filled with all the toiletries that I need to make it through the flight (and the holiday). There's a trick to packing your holiday travel toiletry bag – you've got to bring the good stuff. This isn't the time to skimp or buy off products. Here's what I pack:

Packing Your Holiday Travel Toiletry Bag #ad #Herpecin #PowerPrimper #BeautyJewel

TSA approved toiletry bag: You have to adhere to the TSA regulations of 3:1 – nothing over 3 ounces and everything must fit in a 1 ounce clear zipper bag. I like these TSA approved ones better that disposable because they hold up really well and you can access them with one hand (helping while traveling with a lap infant).

Lotion: Your hands are going to get D R Y. Bring a tube of your favorite lotion and apply it liberally and often.

Nail clippers and file: During holiday travel, your nails will be working overtime. Opening bottles, lugging suitcases, and unwrapping presents. Do them a favor and keep them trimmed and filed.

Hair ties: Your hair is going to get really dry which leads to serious static. Combat it with some leave-in conditioner and hair ties.

Herpecin L with SPF 30: Because your lips need protection against the sun (yes, even in the winter months) and because cold sores happen.

Moisturizer: Your face takes a beating during the winter months. Sun, snow, wind, rain – all work together to dry our your face. Get your goo and apply it morning and night.

Gum: Slip some chewing gum in your bag. It's nice when your mouth is dry or a little… stinky.

Face spray: I always thought this stuff was ridiculous. Then I tried it and WHAT a difference it made. On those long holiday flights, your skin just gets so dry. So spray on a little moisture and your face will love you.

Packing Your Holiday Travel Toiletry Bag #ad #Herpecin #PowerPrimper #BeautyJewel

Look, I know that some of you are like, whhhhhyyyy are you including something for herpes in this?!?! EW! But, y'all. Let's be real. Cold sores are something that happens once the dry weather (and even dryer flying conditions) kick in. And would you rather be stuck with a massive, painful fever blister or be prepared to fight it with a powerful tool like Herpecin? I thought so. Plus, as an added bonus, Herpecin is also an awesome protector against the sun. Or, against the sun reflecting on the snow and damaging your lips… which leads to cold sores. See?!?! It's the circle of life, y'all.

Packing Your Holiday Travel Toiletry Bag #ad #Herpecin #PowerPrimper #BeautyJewel

I'm one of those people who gets cold sores really easily. The weather changes – BOOM. Got one. Long flights in a dry airplane – BOOM. Got one. It's frustrating. I'm delighted to have Herpecin in my beauty tool bag to deal with them. At the first telltale tingle, I apply Herpecin and move on with my life. It's the best! Wanna try it for yourself? Grab a tube at Walmart (for only $4.99!) and get on with your day.

Packing Your Holiday Travel Toiletry Bag #ad #Herpecin #PowerPrimper #BeautyJewel