Partnered Post:

I am so excited to share this Tulle Nation partner with y’all! Dudes, you all know how serious I am about scoring deals during every part of your wedding… and I do mean every part – including the purchasing of the engagement (and/or wedding) ring. Sure, sure. You should definitely look into getting the best ring that you can afford (since this is an investment and will be worn every day for the rest of your life). But! I’m a firm believer in shopping around and finding the best deal ever for that awesome investment piece (you may recall how The Boy and I drove all over town searching for my sparkly).

If you don’t want to burn all your available ring buyin’ cash driving all over the place looking for that deal then why not give online shopping a try? Our partner, Zoara, is a premier online retailer of jewelry who specializes in diamonds and engagement rings. I love looking at their wedding rings and you all know that I’m a fan of anyone who lets you design your own engagement ring.

Zoara was founded in 2008 and has over 50 years of combined professional expertise in the diamond and jewelry industries. The coolest thing about Zoara? Their belief in providing education, quality, value, and customer service. The site never sells any diamonds that does not come with an official diamond grading report – a promise to their clients that their diamonds are trustworthy and conflict-free.

Now, I know that for most purchasing a diamond anything is not a regular ritual. I mean, for most it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event! And I understand that a purchase like this can be difficult to make at a physical store – let alone on a website. But! Remember that a knowledgeable staff can be found anywhere and Zoara believes that it is “[their] obligation to make sure that [their] customers are presented every piece of evidence possible to ensure that their purchase is a legitimate one and that the item they are interested in is worth their investment.”


I was blown away to discover that every loose diamond for sale on Zoara’s website comes complete with a full profile including the diamond’s shape, carat weight, cut grading, color grading, clarity grading, depth, table, polish, symmetry, measurements and more based off of the official Diamond Grading Report. This is amazing – I didn’t even get one of these when I bought my ring!

And if the awesomeness above wasn’t enough, Zoara is also extending a 10% discount to Tulle Nation! Just click through the ad on the left and plug “TULLE” in at checkout. 10% off!!! Personally, I’d use it to buy stud earrings for each of the ladies in my wedding party, or choose one of the loose diamonds for an amazing pendent, or one of the men’s wedding rings for The Boy. Sparkly and great quality – if it was a man I’d have to rethink marryin’ The Boy!