Peeing While Pregnant And What You Need To Know About It

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Oh, man. Pregnancy, y'all. It is a crazy time and throws everything in your body out-of-whack.

I mean, we all know about the big stuff – the stretch marks, the crazy hair growth, and the randomly passing out. But what about all the funsies that happen in the bathroom?

No, seriously.

When you're pregnant, going to the bathroom is suddenly this new and eye-opening adventure. I mean, peeing a bunch is one of the main symptoms you're supposed to look for when trying to figure out if you're pregnant.

Peeing While Pregnant And What You Need To Know About It

And you'd think, hey! It's just pee – what's the big deal and why is it so different when I'm pregnant? WELL. Let me be the one to break it to you…

It. Is. Different.

I mean, your urine isn't suddenly rainbow colored or anything but there's definitely a difference when you are expecting.

So today, let's discuss peeing while pregnant and what you need to know about it.

San Antonio lifestyle blogger, Kiss My Tulle shares everything you need to know about pooping while pregnant! Find out more!

You'll Have To Pee All. The. Time.

I know, I know. This is peeing all the time thing is a common symptom of pregnancy and talked about all the time. But do you really understand what they mean by “all the time”?

Because it is ALL THE TIME. Constantly. I went every hour.

And the further along in your pregnancy, the more often you'll need to go. See, that adorable little person growing inside of you is going to pushing on your bladder all the damn time.

And that means – you're gonna need to pee all the damn time. So, be prepared to wake up multiple times a night to visit the throne.

Also, head's up, lots of times you're going to need to pee frequently then rush to the bathroom – only to go a little trickle. It's stupid and annoying.

You May Accidentally Pee Yourself.

During this super magical freaking time, you might accidentally pee yourself. Like, seriously. It happens.

This is especially true if you've had a prior vaginal birth.

Look, stuff is relaxed and then you've got all these organs and a baby pushing on your bladder. It's an accident waiting to happen.

One way to help prevent accidentally peeing is to do those Kegels daily. That will help strength your pelvic floor and enable you to clench and control a little easier.

Still having issues? It's time to make your peace with it, my friends, and panty liner up. Or wear some of those cute period panties – yep, they'll work, too.

Also, heads up – be careful when you sneeze. There's a reason your mom always crossed her legs.

Discharge… Oh, The Discharge.

Here's the deal. Pregnancy means discharge. LOTS of discharge. OMGSOMUCH.

And sometimes, that means that you'll think you accidentally peed yourself but really – it's just a bunch of discharge that randomly decided to expel from your body.

Fun, right?!?!

If it drives you crazy, start wearing a thin panty liner or get used to wiping down your undies a lot.

You Will Need To Change Position To Wipe.

The addition of a giant belly can really make wiping post-peeing… interesting.

You're gonna create a whole new yoga routine just to get your hand holding the toilet paper back there and into position.

It's super awkward (I have grunted more than once trying to wipe myself while pregnant). If it helps, pull your pants down well past your knees then spread your legs out and lean forward.

That will probably help you wipe easier… but good luck getting to your pants to pull them on again.

You May Need To Change Position To Get All The Pee Out.

One weird thing about peeing while pregnant is that you're going all the time but can never seem to get it all out.


This happened to me all the time with both my pregnancies. I would have to go badly, rush to the bathroom, pee, then leave the bathroom and still need to pee!

Thankfully, a friend of mine heard me complaining about this issue and offered a really helpful tip.

She recommended that after I was down peeing, I should lean as far forward as possible (obviously, this is much easier to do in the beginning of your pregnancy).

Why? Well, it's simple. Leaning forward will compress your organs and push on your bladder. It's so simple but it works!

I almost always got a little extra trickle out and left the bathroom feeling like my bladder was empty.

Your Pee Will Smell.

Sure – it's always smelled a bit but now? HOO BOY. It's a new nasal adventure all up in here.

I'm sure it has something to do with your hormones and stuff but man, it's weird. It's got this new gamey, chemically smell that can throw you off if you're not expecting it.

Just know that it is normal and nothing to be scared about.

Anything you think I left out?

San Antonio lifestyle blogger, Kiss My Tulle shares everything you need to know about pooping while pregnant! Find out more!

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