Photography: A Bride-To-Be and Her Horse in a Unique Bridal Session

I know that 99.9% of Tulle Nation is going to DIE over this real life bridal session because it is truly EVERY SINGLE GIRL’S dream. Alexandra Roberts is a real bride who allowed Shannon Grant Photography to photograph her bridal session at Serendipity Stables in Plymouth, Massachusetts – with a pony and everything! Squeeee!

Bridal sessions were once a standard pre-wedding tradition that is still very common in the South and throughout New England. Basically, it’s an opportunity for the bride to put on all her pretty, pretty wedding attire and get copious amounts of photos taken of her (without all those pesky distractions – like bridesmaids or the groom). Alexandra used her bridal session as an opportunity to try out her look before the wedding.

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Images Courtesy of: Shannon Grant Photography

Thanks SO much for sharing this session with Tulle Nation, Shannon. We don’t do many bridal sessions around here but when we do… we like ‘em quirky (and with ponies…SQUEE!). So y’all, what do you think of Alexandra’s bridal session? Are the boots with that dress just the best thing ever? Are any of you planning on doing a bridal session? Let us know in the comments!