Photography: Amy and Chris’s Engagement Session with Their Puppy Dog!

Kiss_My_Tulle_Kimberly_Chau_Photography_Enagagement_Session_With_Pets_1I'm an editorial partner over at Two Bright Lights and I LOVE it. I get THE BEST weddings and engagement session submitted to me to share with Tulle Nation. Like this the killer Houston, Texas engagement session of Amy Cao and Christopher Griffith (shot by the always lovely Kimberly Chau Photography). Chris and Amy first met at Rice University. They shared a mutual class while doing their undergrad there. She was cute and smart. He was funny and dorky. Together, they shared perfect chemistry!

And even better, I LOVED how Chris and Amy brought their adorable dog, Abby, to the session! Amy even included some super sweet kissing birds that she DIYed!

Hang on for the cuteness, y'all!

Amy and Chris's (and Abby!) Engagement Session:

Images Courtesy of: Kimberly Chau Photography

Interested in including your puppy dog in your engagement session like Amy and Chris did? Having been-there, done-that, here's a few things I learned:

Tips for Including Your Dog in your Enagagement Session:

  • Get your pet groomed or washed the day before. Nothing like cuddling up to your furbaby for a cute photo only to find they stink or are still wet from an earlier bath.
  • Bring a Dog Wrangler. You'll be busy fixing your hair, changing clothes, posing, etc. – bring someone along to give the dog all the attention they need and keep them away from you (and the photographer) when they're not needed.
  • Use a leash. It's cute when they roam but you time and your photographer's time is (quite frankly) valuable. Get the biggest bang for your buck by leashing your pet so they aren't a distraction.
  • Check to see if pets are allowed. Have your heart set on including your puppy? Check with your photographer to see if they're cool with it (do this BEFORE hiring them) and also see if pets are allowed at your e-sess shooting locations (also, see if you need permits).
  • Lower your expectations. Kids and pets are unpredictable. Your dog may not behave, be overwhelmed, or just plan not interested in your engagement session. Just let it go and move on.

So, Tulle Nation, how much do you LOVE this engagement session? Does it make you want to inlude your pet in yours? Did you include your pet and have some tips to share? And how freaking ADORABLE are those DIYed birdies? Fire away in the comments, y'all!