Photography: Cowboy Chic Wedding in a BBQ Joint

Kiss_My_Tulle_Mike_Murrow_Wedding_Guest_BookI've been hearing a rumbling around the Internet lately and it's of overwhelmed and unhappy couples planning a wedding. They're being Prettywashed and feeling frustrated that their wedding is supposed to be held in a conveniently abadoned warehouse with smokestacks artistically decorated with reclaimed toilet paper and gum. They see these images and ask themselves… "all we have in our town is a VFW center with a basketball hoop."  And they feel like their wedding is a failure from the get-go.

Screw 'em. That's nonsense.

So what if your wedding is held in a community center, the reception hall of your church, or a local eatery? It can still be pretty. It can still be wonderful. and it can still be amazing! Don't believe me?

See how Steph and Kieth used small DIY projects and their love of cowboy chic to decorate Big Earls BBQ in Denair, California (it's Keith's BBQ joint!) into the wedding of their dreams. And P.S., a killer wedding photographer (like Mike Murrow Photography) can make ANY wedding in ANY locale look like a million bucks!

Images Courtesy of: Mike Murrow Photography

Loooooove! Love how Steph and Kieth embraced their wedding venue and made it work for the cowboy chic aesthetic they were going for. How great is the decorated buffet bar and the simple (but perfect) old barrel as a wedding cake display? Do any of you have a community center or common room as your wedding venue? What are you doing (if anything) to make it work for your wedding's look. Tell me all about it in the comments and remember, Y'all Come Back Now, Y'Hear!