Photography: Cutest First Look Ever and a LIVE Mariachi Band

Meet Andrea Valdes and Ramses Samaniego. They got married on September 17, 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee in a a wedding full of family, laughter, and tradition. Their first look took place at Centennial Park in Nashville, where they had their first date! Say it with me, y'all – Awwwwwww!

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Image Courtesy of: Amber Davis Photography

Ramsses even surprised Andrea with a live Mariachi band! Freakin' A! I want one!

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Image Courtesy of: Amber Davis Photography

What I love most about Andrea and Ramses's wedding (shot by the always awesome Amber Davis Photography) is that their love for each other, their friends, their family, and their cultural background is so present. They wore it all on their sleeves – completely unashamed and unafraid to share it with the world. Would you do that? Do you think that you'll be able to be so open with your emotions and yourself on your wedding day? And more importantly, where's MY Mariachi band?!?!

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Image Courtesy of: Amber Davis Photography