Photography: Focusing on the Bridal Details (Danielle Cooper & David Smalley)

When I got this submission from Ever After Visuals (via Two Bright Lights) I was floored by it's gorgeous focus on the little details surrounding the bride, Danielle Cooper, in her wedding to David Smalley. If you're a bride and you adore your entire wedding day look don't be afraid to ask your photographer to take some time and document each and every little bit of it. Hell, you paid for it!

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Images Courtesy of: Ever After Visuals

Isn't Danielle a stunner? And how 'bout all those close-ups of her bridal gown and accessories? I just love how I feel like I can see every single little bit of her carefully chosen ensemble. How you, Tulle Nation – any brides out there thinking about a specific "must-have" bridal detail shot for their own wedding? Do share!