Photography: Focusing on the Details (Angela Sullins and Shawn Lindstrom)

The amazing photography team over at Ever After Visuals sent me some fantastic images that I just HAD to share with you (via Two Bright Lights). The pictures were lovely but I found that I was just blown away by the photographers decision to focus on all the little details so carefully planned by Angela Sullins and Shawn Lindstrom for their wedding day. You slave over every little thing so why not take a cue from Angela and Shawn and ask your photographer to snap a few shots of all the little things that make up every part of your Big Day.

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Images Courtesy of: Ever After Visuals

Just LOOK at those photos! I adore that after the whirlwind of their wedding day, Angela and Shawn will be able to look at the photos and see all the decor and flowers that made their day spectacular. How about it, Tulle Nation – how many of you are interested in having your photographer capture the day's details? What little things are you hoping to see? Share away in the comments!