Photography: Focusing on the Men of the Wedding

So many, many times at a wedding, the men of the wedding party are brushed off and ignored (or, as they say in the South, treated like the bastard child at a family reunion). But why? They're just as important. they're just as entertaining. They're just as fun. They're just as dressed up and lookin' good. So why big Brush-Off?

I chalk it up to the that old, still-sticking-around mentality that men aren't as interested in a wedding as women and therefore, they just don't want to participate/be involved/are all frowny. Now, I can attest personally that some guys just are not interested in weddings at all (The Boy being a shining example of indifference). BUT! I know plenty of guys who are interested and involved and want to be a part of everything – especially the photos. Since it is SO easy these days to take photographs, I'm noticing that more and more people are becoming comfortable with getting their pictures taken and even look forward to it. Like the guys in the October 01, 2011 wedding of Kate Planer and Rob Farley (shot by Off BEET Productions). CHECK THEM OUT!

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Images Courtesy of: Off BEET Productions

See! Some guys are DYING to be in front of the camera! So, Tulle Nation, what do y'all think? Do men often get the short end of the wedding photography stick? Why do you think that is? If there's a groom or groomsmen in your wedding, are they excited to be involved or are they (like The Boy) tolerating it all until it's over? Fire away!