Photography: It’s All About The Little Wedding Details

This delightful collection of photos from Ever After Visuals is a perfect example of why you should request that your photographer take a moment to showcase your wedding's delightful little details. You planned them so carefully – so get a record of them! The rings, the make-up, the cake display, the food, the flowers – ask your wedding photographer to get in there (close!) and snap away. Just like how Ever After Visuals did it at the June wedding of Kate Denlinger and Gabe Greenacre:

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Images Courtesy of: Ever After Visuals

I just love how you can look at the snapshots of the little details from Kate and Gabe's wedding and, without even seeing the bride and groom, you just KNOW them. You KNOW that they love classic and timeless looks, that the bride is stylish and graceful, and the groom's sleek and sophisticated. All from those little detail shots. Convinced now?