Photography: Lauren and Charles’s Library Themed Engagement Session

Kiss_My_Tulle_Felici_Photography_Girl Looking_at_BoyI ADORE getting submissions straight from my readers so when the loverly Lauren emailed me her college romance-influenced engagement session with her love monkey, Charles, and the photographic stylings of Felici Photography. So, Tulle Nation, kick back and enjoy Lauren and Charles's love story and engagement session. From Lauren,

"Charles and I met at UCLA as undergrads seven years ago, and our romance really took off in the campus coffee shop. We'd talk for hours about books, philosophy, the latest bad articles in The Daily Bruin, classes, our lives and our dreams for the future. That coffee shop will always have a place in my heart, so when we were thinking of the perfect location for our engagement shoot, it immediately came to mind. Marissa and Jojo Felici, our amazing photographers, came all the way up to UCLA from San Diego to do this shoot with us.


We staged a champagne picnic on the grass beneath Kerckhoff Coffee Shop (it's so fun to bring a bottle of champagne to a dry campus – nobody questions you when you're with two photographers!) and I began the photo shoot by chugging a glass of bubbly to sooth my nerves. It's hard work getting your picture taken! But even the champagne was part of reminiscing about our early years together because we liked to keep it classy in college. Spending evenings with wine and cheese on the balcony that was littered with porn magazines from the upstairs frat boys; blasting Beethoven when the neighboring students' parties got too loud – that kind of thing.


We also wanted to incorporate our love of books into the shoot. For the picnic, we brought a few of our favorite antique volumes from home, and after dancing around campus for a bit, we headed over to Powell Library's stacks to finish off the shoot. No comment on what may or may not have happened in the stacks during our early courtship.

Images Courtesy of: Felici Photography

Doesn't this just make you want to sneak off to the local library and get dirty on some Dickens? And how FAB is Lauren's dress (omgomgomgtotallygotgirlwoodforitomgomgomg)? I freaking LOVE the idea of retracing your love story in your engagement session! Anyone else planning on (or did) the same? Tell mama all about it in the comments.