Photography: Little Black Dress Engagement Session

When it comes to enagagment sessions, I like it when couples keep it simple. No over-the-top costumes, no random camel rides on the streets of LA, no movie re-enactments. I like them best when it's just the couple, lovely clothes, simple surroundings, and their personalities. Does that mean that you can't rock a little black dress and sky-high heels for your e-sess? Nope. Just check out Allie Pebbles and Jeff Peterson (guess which one wore the dress and heels?)!

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Image Courtesy of: Iliana Morton Photography

According to photographer, Iliana Morton of Iliana Morton Photography, "Allie and Jeff are one of the most adorable couples I've had the pleasure of working with. They are childhood sweethearts, and moved to San Diego from their very small mid-western town after Jeff's military career led him to a new opportunity in San Diego. He said that after he got to San Diego, he knew he had to have Allie with him, so off to San Diego she went!" Say it with me – awwwww! Check out thier sexy LBD engagment session!

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Image Courtesy of: Iliana Morton Photography

Iliana Morton shared that "Allie really wanted to have a stylish outdoor engagement session mixing a glam look at the Hotel Del Coronado. The morning of their engagement session it poured. It cleared up later that afternoon, but I asked Allie if they wanted to reschedule since it would be cold, but she said they would "man up" and do the shoot anyway. And they did just that! Allie and Jeff were freezing cold, especially Allie in her tiny (but amazing) dress and heels. But maybe their love kept them warm because they were all smiles and sunshine the entire session."

So Tulle Nation? Do we LOVE Allie and Jeff or what?!?! And how knock-out are Iliana's photography skills? Tell me, would you rock a little black dress and stilettos for your enagagement session (and yes… I'm asking the boys, too! We're nothing if not completely open and accepting here at Kiss My Tulle!)? Share away!