Photography: Navy-Inspired Engagement Session

I've got a Navy-inspired engagement session for y'all today (in anticipation of Independence Day tomorrow)! Sarah Gann and Michael Vaughn are an adorable couple from Tennessee who embraced his Naval career and made it a part of their engagement session (shot by Amber Davis Photography).

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Image Courtesy of: Amber Davis Photography

From Amber Davis, "The night Sarah met Michael at a bonfire in Nashville, she told her friends she was going to marry that man. She was right. Michael is currently in the Naval flight school in Pensacola, Florida. Such a beautiful couple, their engagement session was perfect as they wanted beach pictures in his uniform (Sarah wanted "the navy kiss" picture)."

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Images Courtesy of: Amber Davis Photography

Whattya think? Almost "Officer and Gentlemen" but still true to Sarah and Michael's personalities? If one of you are/were in the military would you make it a part of your engagement session? Let us know about it in the comments!