Photography: One Year Anniversary Photo Shoot (with a Train!)

SayerGrey_Grey_Lauren_D_Rogers_Photography_stina0037_lowI love Christina Sayer Grey and Dylan Grey – they couldn't afford a wedding photographer for their wedding. So, instead of being upset about it, they simply embraced it and moved on. And on their one year anniversary, when they could afford it, they hired Lauren Rogers of Lauren D. Rogers Photography and splashed out with a train-tastic one year anniversary photo shoot! From Lauren,

"Christina and Dylan… knew they wanted to have a few photos taken of them together that captured their playful relationship and vintage style. In choosing a location, the couple decided on the Staunton, Virginia train station, which has been in active use since 1854. The location not only provided vintage charm, it also served as the starting point of their relationship.

While a grad student at Mary Baldwin College, Christina volunteered to pick up a fellow student's brother from the train station when her friend was unable to meet him. Sparks flew, the couple recognized the interests they shared -such as an undying love for all things vintage and steampunk – and before you know it, they were planning a low-key DIY wedding. Throughout their courtship, the train station played an important part in their relationship, as they traveled back and forth halfway across the country to see each other. When they decided to have photos made for their 1-year anniversary, they knew that the station they met would play strongly into the shoot."

We love them already, right? Hang on, y'all… here's the photos:

Images Courtesy of: Lauren D. Rogers Photography

How much do y'all LOVE Christina and Dylan's love story? And how freaking adorable are they?!?! Do any of you plan on doing (or did you do) a one year anniversary photo shoot? Let me know all about it!