Photography: Orange and Purple Wedding with SUPERHEROES!

Bride and Groom in Getaway VanThis wedding ROCKED! From the orange flowers to the purple flower girl dress to the Secret Groomsmen SUPERHEROES! According to the birde, Larissa Carter:

"[Tony and I] both wanted to have a causal, fun wedding. We definitely wanted to surprise our guests with our food selections with the food trucks, our selection of music, and our first dance, which we took swing lessons for. We wanted it to reflect who we are as a couple and I think we accomplished that.

Tony is a huge comic book geek, Spiderman being his favorite. I still catch him watching Spiderman cartoons on Saturday mornings. We thought it would be fun to have all the guys pick their favorite comic book hero to hide under their suits. It was so fun to see them all dancing at the end of the evening in their superhero t-shirts. Our favorite moment, was during dinner we had the most amazing sunset, featuring a double rainbow that filled the sky above us. It was really breathtaking!"

Larissa and Tony's AWESOME Wedding

Wedding Sign
Groomsmen ShadowsGroomsmen Colorful Socks

Bridal BouquetPurple Flower Girl
Bride and Groomsmen
Groom as Superhero
Groomsmen as Superheroes
Closeup of Groomsmen as Superheroes
Wraps for GuestsEscort Cards

Table NumbersDish Towel Napkins

Table Settings
Bride and Groom Kissing with Dip
Silly Bride and Groom
Bride and Groom Toasting
Bride and Groom Toasting 2
Images Courtesy of: Figlewicz Photography

How AWESOME are those groomsmen? How cool are the dish towel cum cloth napkins at each table setting (Hee… cum). How amazing is the color combo of orange and purple? How badly are you craving an In-and-Out DoubleDouble right now? Tell me. Tell me real good.

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