Photography: Pink and Girly Wedding with a Male Maid-of-Honor and Lots of Dancing

Grandmas and Brother Dancing at RecessionalFrom photographer Teresa Klostermann of Teresa K Photography, "Not many of us can say we’ve know our husband or wife since our age was just a single digit, but Stephen Rangel and Kindra Graef can. Their lives have been intertwined almost since the beginning; they met in elementary school and started dating in high school. These two seem to have always had the wisdom, even at a young age, that best friends truly make the best life long partners. And it shows when you look at them. Kindra and Stephen’s wedding was at Grace Vineyards, in Galt.

From the details (there’s enough candy and pink in this wedding to make a true girly girl swoon), to the family and friends that were there to support these two (over 200). It was about all of the tears, laughter and moments that define Stephen and Kindra. Who they were, who they are, and who they will be. It was a day where everyone wears pink, a boy can be the maid of honor, people dance up and down the wedding aisle, guests sing for their dinner, Grandmother’s hide from my camera because they are in the witness protection program (allegedly), brothers come home from military service to see their sister’s get married, the bride and groom entertain the crowd, pink converse are the style, and most of all, where true love rules!"

Stephen and Kindra's Killer Wedding Ceremony

Bride and Maids and Man-of-Honor
One Family Sign
Origami Bird Garland
Adorable Ring BearersCute Ring Bearers
Tears at Ceremony
First KissRing Bearer Dancing at Recessional
Parents Dancing at Ressional
Images Courtesy of: Teresa K Photography

Um. Hi, my name is Cris and I want to be Kindra and Stephen's friend. How much FUN would it have been to be at this wedding? Lots of pink, lots of laughing, and lots of dancing. The Best. What was your favorite bit of Kindra and Stephen's wedding? Anything you'd like to steal for your own? Will you make your guests sing for their suppers? Fire away in the comments!