Photography: Post-Ceremony Couple Time

The backdrop of Leslie O'Brien and Jonathan Scott's May 05, 2006 wedding was romance at the beautiful Bristow Manor Golf Club in Bristow, Virginia. When the team at Ever After Visuals shared the images from Leslie and Jonathan's wedding with me, the shots that made me fall a little bit in love with the couple were the ones taken immediately after they exchanged "I dos":

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Images Courtesy of: Ever After Visuals

I just ADORE this! How sweet would it be to have your photography just follow you a for a bit directly after the wedding ceremony and take some photos of your sheer joy? I know that for about 5 minutes after The Boy and my civil cermony in Alaska, I was flat-out giddy with happiness and couldn't stop smiling. Looks like Leslie and Jonathan had the same emotions and bless them for getting it all down on film!

Do any of your have plans to sneak off for a wee bit post-ceremony and let your photograper follow to record the moment? Did you even consider it before seeing how awesome it was for Leslie and Jonathan? Are you considering it now? Share it with the class!