Photography: Record Shop Engagement Session

Sometimes an engagement session is SO perfect and SO cool that a blogger just doesn't need to do anything but let the photographer and photos speak for themselves. The record shop engagement session of Omar and Megan, shot by Kimberly Chau Photography, is one of those times.

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Image Courtesy of: Kimberly Chau Photography

From Kimberly, "Back when I first worked at Apple, Omar was one of my managers. He was always positive, caring, and was very passionate about music. I worked with Apple for quite a few terms after that and finally met Megan. She was so creative and very fun and exciting to be around with! We both shared a love for photography and Apple products, so immediately we got along! Then some time passed and I found out that Megan + Omar were dating. Through Facebook of all places! I was even more excited when they asked me to be their wedding photographer! I cannot even begin to express in words how happy I was and how thrilled I am for their marriage!"

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Image Courtesy of: Kimberly Chau Photography

"When Megan met and worked with Omar, she would make little jabs at him as a way of getting to know him better. Good thing Omar has always had a sense of humor and soon found Megan to be that “other half” that he’d been hoping for. They would have long conversations, fun laughs, and play video games together. And then walk their adorable yorkie side-by-side each night."

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Image Courtesy of: Kimberly Chau Photography

Aaaaaand… ADORE! Y'all, Kimberly is my kind of photographer! Instead of silly re-enactments of books and movies just take photos of the couple in their natural environment – whereever that may be! How about you, Tulle Nation? Do you prefer the stylized engagement sessions or the natural ones? Would any of you do your e-sess in a record shop? Do tell!