Photography: Sweet Winter Engagement Session of Jemma Brett and Chase Winters

Brett_Winters_Cassies_Camera_JemmaChase041_lowIt's triple digits here in San Antonio, Texas but for the rest of the world it's beginning to look a lot like fall and winter! And this Alaskan girl misses the cold, cold weather so I'm sharing a sweet winter engagement session with y'all.


Jemma Brett and Chase Winters are just the loveliest couple from Alberta, Canada ("eh!") and weren't afraid to tackle the elements during their engagement session. How cool is it that they decided to wear their normal street clothes and hang around outside in the snow – just like they probably do, oh, every single day. This was shot in the woods around Alberta by talented photographer Cassie Molyneux of Cassie's Camera (this is her first Two Bright Lights submission to Kiss My Tulle and I think it's a winner!).

Jemma Brett and Chase Winters

Images Courtesy of: Cassie's Camera

Whattya think, Tulle Nation? A keeper? Would you brave the snow and the cold and shoot your engagement session outside? And how badly do you want Jemma's hair?!?!? Tell mama all about it in the comments.