Photography: Sweetest First Look from this Beach Wedding

I'm a big o' fan of the First Look before the wedding. I know it's a big deal for lots of people to experience the whole "see you walking down the aisle thing" and that's wonderful. But! If you're looking to alleviate some of the stress of your wedding day – I HIGHLY recommend doing a first look. It helps eliminate a ton on giddiness and jitters and also frees up LOADS of time after the ceremony. If the wedding photographer can knock-out the wedding party photos before the ceremony, it will leave only the family and couple photos after – and allow you (and yours) more time to enjoy your recepetion (Imagine that!).

Wondering HOW to do a First Look? It's pretty easy, take a cue from Kelly and John O'Rourke. At their Point Pleasant beach wedding at New Jersey's Clark's Landing Yacht Club, they worked with photographer Kate Connolly of Off BEET Productions to stage and experience this wonderful pre-wedding ceremony moment. Check it out:

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Images Courtesy of: Off BEET Productions

I think what I love best about Kelly and John's First Look is that it's not elaborate – not a production. It's just what it's supposed to be – a First Look at each other. I feel that keeping things simple allowed Off BEET Productions to keep the photography's focus on the couple and their obvious adoration of each other.

What do you think, Tulle Nation? Are you into doing a First Look? Why (or why not) is it important to you? Are you planning to ask your wedding photographer to do anything special for it? Or are you keeping things simple, like Kelly and John? Tell me all about it in the comments!