Photography: Wedding Photographer Comparison Worksheet

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it million more times (shout it from the rooftops, if I have to!). Your wedding day is one party and it only lasts one day. Your wedding photographs? Are of one party but will last a lifetime. They are an investment and therefore, take a bit more time to find the perfect photographer for your budget and your style.

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Image Courtesy of: Red Feather Photography

There’s a lot of range out there when it comes to wedding photography – basically, anyone with a camera can claim to be a wedding photographer. So, it’s really important to go into the wedding photography search with a clear idea of what style of photography you are interested in – traditional:

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Image Courtesy of: Digital Photographry School

Or trendy:

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Image Courtesy of: Kelly Niemann

Either is fine but both require the same thing – a great photographer who shares your vision. But how to find one?

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Image Courtesy of: Emily G Photography

There are several ways to find a great wedding photographer: look (that means flipping through their portfolios!) at wedding fairs/expos, seek out vendors at local art galleries, visit various photography studios in your area, Google “local photographers/photography studios”, ask for recommendations, and ask to look at the work of local media arts/journalism students. Next, narrow your selection down to your top 3-5 vendors. Then, schedule your (free – it should ALWAYS be free) interview/consultation. These consultations usually involve looking through the photographer’s portfolio and chatting about your wedding and their experience (this will allow you to see if you are on the same page vision-wise and personality-wise).

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Image Courtesy of: J & J Photography

However, at your interview you will need to do more than just flip through pages of pretty portfolio pictures (though that is AWESOME!). You’re going to need to ask a few questions to help you compare the actual photographer and their business (in addition to its photography quality and style) at a later time. Below is a download of a good list of questions to ask each photographer – print it out as needed and take with you to your appointments!

Download Kiss My Tulle Photography Comparison Worksheet

Alright, Tulle Nation raise your voices! What do you think is important to ask your potential wedding photographer? Got any tips on how to find your perfect wedding photography match? Share away in the comments.