Our Plans for the Kitchen Remodel

I'm short on time today and feeling goal oriented. So y'all be gettin' a Listy McListerson post with lots of pretty images for inspiration. That's right, today I'm sharing our plans for the kitchen remodel!

Our Plans for the Kitchen Remodel #homeimprovement #DIY

Straight up – our kitchen has pissed me off since I first started visiting The Boy. My running joke is that I don't know what man designed it but he obviously lives with his Mommy. Because the layout and function? A W F U L. And don't even get me started on the ugliness – it's like the 70's made out with that awful Southwestern phase in the 80's. Gag me with a spoon. Need proof? Voila.

Our Plans for the Kitchen Remodel #homeimprovement #DIYOur Plans for the Kitchen Remodel #homeimprovement #DIYOur Plans for the Kitchen Remodel #homeimprovement #DIYOur Plans for the Kitchen Remodel #homeimprovement #DIYOur Plans for the Kitchen Remodel #homeimprovement #DIY

Shut up. I KNOW. So obvs, something needed to be done. We're right smack dab in the middle of the doing but I wanted to share the process with y'all. Long before we started the remodel, I tore images from magazines and pinned the crap out of Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. The Boy is super visual so I needed lots of images showing him exactly what I wanted (we've tried communicating through mime but, alas, it was no bueno). After years (seriously, YEARS) of collecting images, I culled through those puppies and came up with a working plan of attack. Keeping in mind that this isn't our forever home and I needed to stay on top of resell value and the budget, here's what I came up with:

Our Plans for the Kitchen Remodel #homeimprovement #DIY
Images Courtesy of: Roberto Caruso // 2014 Southern Living Idea House in Palmetto Bluff // Tessa Neustadt // Johnny Miller // Maison & Demeure // Sharyn Cairns

Purdy, right? The remodel will mostly be a huge overhaul on traffic and function but I'm also adding some pretty. Here's a rundown of the design:

  • Lots of white and classic lines.
  • Grey lower cabinets + white upper cabinets + wood accents.
  • Classic white subway tile in a running bond pattern.
  • Some butcher blocks countertops mixed with more durable quartz ones.
  • Pops of fun colors via small appliances, fabrics, and bits here and there.
  • Open shelving + cabinets whereever it makes sense.
  • Include some industrial touches and rustic bits for warmth.
  • Think coastal cottage but very clean and organized.

As far as what exactly we need to DO…. well, here's that exhaustive list:

  • Gut kitchen.
  • Rework the traffic flow (move front door).
  • Move appliances to more functional locations.
  • Add windows to future dining area.
  • Rework storage by moving cabinets up to the ceiling and adding floating shelves.
  • Install new cabinetry.
  • Install new countertops.
  • Add more lighting.
  • Add backsplash.
  • Add eat-at island with storage.
  • Install wood flooring.
  • New hardware and fixtures.
  • Build kitchen table.
  • Get new dining room chairs.
  • Build a banquette for dingin area.
  • Add a pantry.
  • Add a desk/mail center.
  • Add some fun storage/play spots for Melanie.
  • Make opening to living room smaller but still allow for great sightlines.
  • Add crown molding and baseboard trim.
  • New sink and faucet.

Phew! Right? Any of you tackling a kitchen remodel?