Getting Preschool Ready with Marvel Avengers String Cheese

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I don't know if y'all noticed this but… I HAVE A FOUR YEAR OLD KID. Like, I have no clue how that happened or snuck up on me but it did and now I'm having all the mom feels. For years now, we've been having a great time just hanging out at home and enjoying our time together. But now, it's time for me to suck it up and look into sending my baby girl to preschool (LOOK AWAY! I'm only sobbing over here!). Yes, preschool. Seriously y'all, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! One minute, I was nursing her and now, I'm visiting preschools and picking up snacks. At least that last one is fun. It's been really enjoyable getting preschool ready with Marvel Avengers String Cheese – Melanie loves them!

Getting Preschool Ready with Schreiber Marvel Cheese #ad #CheeseAdventures

A million years ago, I was a preschool teacher and loved it. I'm grateful for that experience for many reasons but right now, it's really helping me prepare myself and Melanie for attending “school” part-time this year. Here's a couple of things that I'm doing to help us get ready:

Snacks: Most schools request that you send some kind of snack along and that's great (Melanie is an eater). But fining the right snack can be tricky. I find that nearly every single kid loves cheese – particularly if it has a popular character on it. I mean, Melanie started dancing and yelling “Hulk, Hulk” when she saw the Marvel Avengers String Cheese Twists while we were in the dairy section of HEB. Put a superhero or princess on a piece of cheese and watch your kid devour it! Which is awesome since it's made out of milk and is such a great source of calcium and protein. For the record, my husband also loves to toss one in his lunchbox, too. They really are perfect for an on-the-go snack and is the wholesome, responsible choice for my kids (coughandhusbandcough). My favorite thing is that each cheese stick is made with real cheese and is perfect for an afterschool snack that I can toss in my purse for her to eat in the car.

Water: This is Texas and it's HOT so I plan to send a water bottle with Melanie every day. It can be filled with water for her to drink whenever she needs to. Water fountains are great but also a great way to spread germs. I also love that I can fill it up at the beginning of the day and then see how much she drank that day by it's level when I pick her up.

Extra Clothes: I'll also be sending along some extra panties and shorts. Preschool will be a major change and, as every parent knows, major changes tend to result in accidents. Sending extra clothes can really help the teachers if that happens since they won't have to go looking for spares in the lost-and-found.

Specials: Depending on what the school allows, I'll either be sending along Melvin (Melanie's beloved stuffed puppy – it will actually be a second “back-up” Melvin, just in case) or a picture of our family. Preschool can be overwhelming and sometimes, just having a little something can give comfort during the day.

Getting Preschool Ready with Schreiber Marvel Cheese #ad #CheeseAdventuresGetting Preschool Ready with Schreiber Marvel Cheese #ad #CheeseAdventures

Getting ready for your little one to go to preschool? Be sure to pack my suggestions in their backpack and then stock up on Marvel Avengers Cheese at your local Meijer, ShopRite, Giant, Tops Friendly Markets, HEB, or Wegmans. Grab this coupon and save $0.75 on your Marvel Avengers String Cheese today! Limited quantity available/while supplies last.

Getting Preschool Ready with Schreiber Marvel Cheese #ad #CheeseAdventures

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