Printing: Gettin’ it Done

One of the best ways to save money is to create and print your own wedding paper goods (see an excellent downloadable paper goods timeline here). The actual creating is as economical as it gets. Just your time + Photoshop or an inexpensive PFD file purchased from etsy. But, as you well know, there is always a catch. Printing from home seems cheap but, in reality, is quite expensive! The ink, the papers, the practice runs… it all adds up. So what to do?


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Well, send it out. Let someone else deal with the practice runs (and the cutting everything to size!). Here's a basic list of printing companies that have been recommended to me by various graphic artists: — This site uses watercolor-ish paper and is best for the more artist wedding. — Ultra low, low prices, good product, but iffy customer service. — Great for printing stickers and labels. — Good customer service and they do rounded corners. — Eco-friendly printing but expect to pay a bit more.

48HourPrint – Lots of options and great prices. For the absolute best deal, always ALWAYS Google "[CompanyName] discounts" for coupon codes and special deals.