Reader Question: Chic Inexpensive Floral Arrangements

This reader question comes from Frank, the cutest groom ever. Frank writes, "My beautiful wife-to-be and I are getting married in October. We are doing a wedding on a microscopic budget for 100 guests plus a ten person wedding party. My girl wants huge bouquets and big centerpieces. That's a lot of money so I'm trying to convice her to use all one type of a really inexpensve flower – doesn't this create a fuller look in people's eyes? I say lots of carnations or baby's breath will look better than one or two crazy ass expensive flowers. Can you help me convince her?"

Sure! Here's a couple of Inspiration boards to help you plea your (very reasonable) case:

Carnations Inspiration Board


Images Courtesy of: Wedding Flower, Couture Bridal Designs, Wedding Bee, Love Wedding Flowers, Cape Florist

Baby's Breath Inspiration Board


Images Courtesy of: Ruffled, Prima Donna Bride, A Unique Blog, Cappy Hotchkiss, Think Festive

What about it, readers? Are these looks chic enough for you? Do you agree with Frank that lots of one cheap flower is more pleasurable to the eye than one or two pricy blooms? Chime in!