Reader Question: Dish Towels as Cloth Napkins

Hello all! I have the most fun reader question today from an awesome mother-of-the-bride (you know that I love me some Reader Questions, right? Email them to Cris at Paula writes:

"Love your website. The colors are the same as my daughter picked for her wedding. My daughter is getting married in September.  She saw some french dish cloth napkins on a blog site.  Do you have any ideas where to find them? She saw them at Grace Happens."

Paula, I trucked on over to Grace's site and saw exactly why your daughter lurves those French stripe cloth napkins:

070711 a 
Image Courtesy of: Grace Happens

Pretty awesome right, Tulle Nation? Dying for a closer look at those gorge napkins? Well, keep calm and drool on:

070711 b 
Image Courtesy of: Grace Happens

Paula, I contacted Grace and found out that those cloth napkins are actually French stripe dish towels from Anthropologie – and they are now, sadly, discontinued. I tried to find them for you on etsy and eBay but to no avail. However, I did scour the interwebs and track some (probably more affordable than Anthropologie) French stripe-esque dish towels. They come in loads of colors but I specifically concentrated on red, navy blue, aqua, and pink (just like the originals). Here's what I found:

Ikea White/Blue ELLY Dish Towel:

070711 e 

Medline 1 Dozen Cotton Herringbone Dish Towels:

070711 c 

070711 d 
070711 f 
*Pink was the hardest one to find – this is as close as I could get.*

Paula, I'm really hoping that these options work out for you and your daughter! And, as always, please send us photos so we can see what you came up with! And as an extra special treat? I was so awesomed by this that I decided to work up a little "inspired by" DIY project that I'll be posting next Tuesday (July 12th). Stop back by then and see what I came up with!

Tulle Nation, how awesome is that baby shower inspiration? Would you like something similiar for your wedding? Or maybe you know how to track down more affordable (and pretty) French stripe cloth napkins/dish towels for Paula? Let us know in the comments!