Reader Question: Pre-Ceremony Music

Last week I got a sweet reader question from Wendy in Bryan Park, Texas. Wendy is getting married and needs help with music for her ceremony. Here's what she wrote:

"I am getting married on June 11th and am trying to figure out my ceremony music.  I guess I need music playing while people are getting seated, then a processional song, then a song to walk down the aisle to, and then the recessional song, am I correct in this?  Biggest hurdle is what am I going to walk down the aisle to?  I would like to do a country version of the Wedding March or Here comes the Bride or an acoustic guitar version (country style), but am having trouble finding these versions and not sure if they even exist, do you have any ideas or clue?

We’ve hired a DJ and will have an opportunity to speak with him about this but am being stubborn and want ideas first before someone plants the do’s and don’ts into my way of thinking.  I love country music, it is my main staple. I found your website while searching for these songs, so I’m taking a shot at asking for your help."

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Wendy, I'm happy to help! I love that you want to share your musical tastes with your guests and don't feel obligated to stick to the old tried-and-true just because everyone else does! And as a fellow country fan, I'm thrilled to help you find the perfect (and perfectly appropriate) songs to play pre-ceremony, for the processional, and as the recessional.

First up! The pre-ceremony music. The general rule of thumb is to plan for 20-30 minutes of pre-ceremony music. This does several things – it lets arriving guests know what type of wedding is going to happen, it clues them in that it is time to revert to the appropriate "wedding" behavior, and it allows you to have a mental awareness of the pre-ceremony timing/schedule. I think that for your wedding, you should try to stick with what people know – contemporary country classics that are a little slow and tell a love story. Here's my ideas for some appropriate (and cowboy-centric) pre-ceremony music (this is about 32 minutes worth):

For the processional, I scored, baby! I found you a country version of the both the Wedding March and The Bridal Chorus. Go ahead! Pick yer poison:

For the recessional, pick a fun and upbeat song! This is a joyous time and the song should propel you down the aisle with a HUGE smile on your face (and bonus points if your guy does a little two-step with you along the way!). Here's my ideas:

So, Wendy, I hope these song ideas inspire you and help you coordinate your ceremony music with your DJ. Let us know which ones you picked and good luck! Tulle Nation, do these country songs seem perfect for a little pre-ceremony sumpin' sumpin'? Can you think of any that you would add (or omit)? Share away!