Reader Question: Wedding Color Help from Down Under

Y'all know that I just LURVE getting emails from Tulle Nation, right (Email them to Cris at It's so cool when I see that you've taken time out of your day to try and connect with me and I appreciate every one of them. But, true be told, I absolutely ADORE it when someone reaches out to me and asks for a wee bit o' help with their wedding planning. So when this email dropped into my inbox, I just had to help out:

Hi Cris,

I love your website, it’s adorable!

I have a little dilemma I was hoping you could help me with. My wedding invitation is rustic/earthy/vintage and it has already been sent out. Then I decided I needed to add some colour to the whole wedding. So we chose the bridesmaids dresses to be made in a blue. I have my dress already. Apart from that I have ordered a fingerprint guestbook with pink, blue, brown and yellow inkpads (which I can always replace with different colours).

We are having the reception at an urban location, a modern french restaurant in Melbourne City. Hmmmm, so I’m a little confused as to how to make all the elements look consistent with the invite yet with colour added. Not even sure what my theme is!  I haven’t yet chosen the flowers or confirmed the cake. I have attached my mood board for you to check out and let me know where you think I can add/delete/change things. Would love your feedback 🙂

Thank you!


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Elisa, first up – You're adorable (compliments will get you everywhere) and you totally have a theme – Springtime in France. A little rustic, a little minimalist, a little colorful. Bam! Wedding theme!

Second, DO NOT delete anything. If you've sent out your wedding invitations then you're too far along in the process to delete anything without a) wasting your money and b) driving yourself batshit crazy. On the plus side, all of your alterations and ideas so far are lovely, perfect, and will TOTALLY work in your reception space. Here are my ideas to continue to add some color to your wedding:

1. I adore the colors that you're considering (Seriously, girl. They are SO close to my own wedding colors it's like we're twinsies!) and think that this palette would work beautifully with your rustic invites and French-inspired reception venue. Here's a quickie mood board that I created for your wedding (using many of your images):

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Images Courtesy of: Elisa, Design*Sponge, The Sweetest Occasion, Steve Steinhardt, and Botanica Floral Designs

2. Off-set the rustic woods and open spaces of your gorgeous reception venue with simple white linens and table settings but infuse the area with color through the use of bunches of bright flowers and colored votives (or candles). For a bit more pop (and if the venue allows) consider hanging bunches of paper rosettes or pompoms (click on the links for DIY tutorials) or simply cut strips from colored paper and arrange into abstract mobiles.

3. I love the color and the style of your bridesmaids' dresses. Fierce! Add colorful bouquets that include the pink peonies from your bridal bouquet (if you do end up going with the one from your mood board) but also involve a bit more color via the addition of billy balls, hydrangeas, and tulips. This is a great way to subtly add more of your reception's colors without overhauling your entire wedding party attire. For the men, either have boutonnieres made that coordinate with (or stick with simple pocket squares in colors pulled from) the bridesmaid bouquets.

4. Love the concept for your favors but let me streamline it a bit for you. Since you're already planning on gifting guests a lovely potted succulent – don't worry about adding sugared almonds, too. Just dress up your green gift with a tag and a bow (for color) and move on. Do a little something like this (either as a favor/placecard or with the phrase "Thank You" so it's clear that this is a takeaway) and use a ribbon in one of your colors. If you're feeling really crafty, why not spray paint the tins in one of your wedding colors (pink, blue, or yellow)?

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Image Courtesy of: Elizabeth Anne Designs

5. I like the wedding cake in your wedding board but think that it may be a bit too modern for the French rustic vibe that you seem to be leaning toward. Instead, why not embrace a less slick design and go for something more imperfect and playful (like the cakes below):

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Images Courtesy of: Design*Sponge and 100 Layer Cake

Another option is to have a dessert table in lieu of the traditional single wedding cake. Save some money and pick up several small cakes, pasteries, and cupcakes from a local bakery. Then display them on a rustic table with touches of your colors in the cake stands, decor, and dessert labels:

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Images Courtesy of: Ruffled and Jenny Cookies

6. I love how you've included a bicycle in your inviations and your wedding guest poster. To continue with that theme – be sure to have your wedding photographer take a photo of the two of you on a bike in your wedding gear. Also, try to get one that can be used as a thank you card post-wedding (buy or make a fabric banner/garland with the words "thank you" on it):

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Images Courtesy of: Coventry Wedding Photographer, Jessica Frey Photography, and Victorian Station

Another idea is to include art prints featuring bicycles throughout your wedding (by the guest book, on the cake/dessert table, etc.). Here's a couple that I found:

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Images Courtesy of: Monorail, n2design, and Silhouette Blue

And just one more bicycle idea – why not a bicycle wedding cake topper?

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Image Courtesy of: Heather Boyd

Elisa, I'm really hoping that these options work out for you and your wedding! And, as always, please send us photos so we can see what you came up with! Tulle Nation, how awesome is Elisa's wedding board inspiration? Would you like something similiar for your wedding? Or maybe you know how to include a bit more color and rustic French style into her wedding? Please share your thoughts in the comments!