Real Couple: Brittany and Josh’s Engagement Story and Photography Session

From Cris: It's not often that I get to share an engagement session and the couple's engagement story in the same post. So when Brittany contacted me with both – I jumped on the opportunity to share them with Tulle Nation.

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A summer back or so, Josh’s family had planned a summer vacation at Cape San Blas, Florida and he asked me to come along. My best friend Ashley and I decided to go but we drove separately. I arrived hours before her, so Josh and I walked on the beach and talked; it was the first time in 2 years we had talked by ourselves. This is how it all started. The sad part? I was moving away to Nashville, Tennessee in a little over a month. The summer days were warm and the night breeze was cool with sea salt in the air. It was sad leaving for college but the last five weeks were nothing short of special because Josh and I were together.

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Images Courtesy of: Libby McFalls Photography

I moved home the Christmas of 2010 and we have been inseparable ever since. We knew we were going to get married; it just wasn’t the “right” time yet. I mean, I had gone and looked at rings on several occasions but nothing happened. Several months went by and nothing came but it didn’t mean that our time together was not wonderful. We went on several vacations and spent time hanging out with family and friends. Then, Josh came over one night after school and was acting really weird. I asked him what he had been doing (with suspicion) but this was in April 2011. I talked to many girlfriends, went on a hunt looking for a ring, and couldn’t find anything.

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Images Courtesy of: Libby McFalls Photography

My birthday was coming, and I didn’t want to be let down so I told myself, I wasn’t going to get a ring. That night, Josh took me to the Wharf at Summer Camp which is along St. Theresa beach. We saw several people we knew (not unusual for the town we live in) – some friends of ours were eating there that night as well as our church Pastor and his wife, Ms. Beth. Ms. Beth and I got to talking and I told her all of what I had received for my birthday. She said she thought there was something more and to let her know. Josh hadn’t told anyone he was going to propose but a few close friends – so Ms. Beth was guessing! I thought nothing of it, laughed it off, and told her what I had received was already a significantly huge present (the Wharf isn’t an overly nice restaurant and we weren’t dressed up - so this wasn’t the place Josh would do this at!).

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Images Courtesy of: Libby McFalls Photography

Josh and I walked on the beach like always, held each other, stepped on so many oyster shells, and took pictures of the sunset. Both of us were gasping over the beauty of the sunset that night and how it was hitting the water just perfectly. Josh was snapping as many pictures as he could of the scene and couldn’t stop. It was getting darker. I headed back in so I could find my shoes.

Then, Josh said, “Brittany, wait, come back just for a minute.”  I said ok and walked over to him; he turned around and held me. He said I love you and started asking me a series of questions- do you think it is pretty out here, do you think it stinks (it is the bay). Of course, I thought it was beautiful and I loved where we were at. So I responded no, smiled, why? I guess at this point he wanted to make sure I would love it if he proposed there and would remember it forever. Then he pulled out a ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him. I was so happy and was so surprised and finally I said YES! It was everything I dreamed and the best birthday ever!

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I think that sound you’re hearing is a collective “Awwwww!” from Tulle Nation. How ‘bout y’all, have any of you had a similar engagement experience? I’d love to hear them!

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