Real Wedding: Allisha Stewart and Cody Bear’s Doable Wedding Day Portrait Shots

Finding the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding is only half the battle (Feeling overwhelmed about finding the perfect photographer for you? Here’s a worksheet to help you out!)… what do you after you’ve found your them? Generally, you’ll meet with them at some point to discuss your wedding and the general timeline for the day. At that time, you should also talk about what types of photographs/portraits you’re hoping for. Here’s a good general list of “Photography Must-Dos” but don’t feel obligated to stick to that list or stand around striking unnatural poses. Take a cue from Allisha Stewart and Cody Bear’s wedding day and create natural-looking and sweet portraits from your wedding day.

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Images Courtesy of: Bobbi Ryan Photography

I love this idea from Allisha and Cody’s wedding, individual shots of each member of the wedding party! Every wedding does shots of the bridesmaids with the bride or the groomsmen with the groom but how many times does a member of the wedding party get their very own portrait?

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Images Courtesy of: Bobbi Ryan Photography

And don’t forget the shots that show the love…

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Images Courtesy of: Bobbi Ryan Photography

Or the shots that are just for fun…

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Images Courtesy of: Bobbi Ryan Photography

So, what of it Tulle Nation? Didja love Allisha and Cody’s wedding portraits as much as I did? What shots are you hoping your photographer take on your wedding day? On the flipside, what pictures could you do without? Share, share!