Real Wedding: The Off-Beat Vegas Wedding of Audrey Desindes and Chris Hale

Have I got a treat for y'all today! This incredibly cool and off-beat wedding was submitted to me by Imagine Photogaphy (via Two Bright Lights) and OMG is it awesome! Tattoos, leopard print pool table, piercings, inky black candelabras, and cigarettes make this one of those "Not Your Momma's Wedding" weddings.

Bride and groom Audrey Desindes and Chris Hale choose the Artisan Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada for their destination wedding and from the killer photos captured by Imagine Photogaphy, it looks like it was fucking AWESOME!!! Check it, y'all:

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Images Courtesy of: Imagine Photogaphy (via Two Bright Lights)

Wouldn't you have had a blast if you'd been a guest at this Vegas wedding? And how COOL are the bride and groom's tattoos (and the fact that they defied tradition and choose to show them off)? I just love how Audrey and Chris embraced their love for quirk and darkness and incorporated it into their wedding decor. Is anyone in Tulle Nation planning (or attending) a Vegas wedding? How about showing off your ink in your wedding garb? Sound off in the comments!