Real Weddings: Leslie and Joseph’s Glam Candies Candy Bar

Candy buffets (ala Amy Atlas) are becoming more and more popular in weddings – which mean that more and more budget couples are adding this fun idea to their receptions. And why not? Candy buffets are fun to create, a blast for you and your guests, and can be cheaper than individual favors or a full-scale wedding cake. The key to creating an affordable candy buffet (the cost of which can quickly spiral out of control) is to take a cue from professional candy buffet stylists, like Glam Candies.

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Image Courtesy of: Jenny Stein Photography

Glam Candies does many candy buffets but shared this one from Leslie and Joseph’s wedding because there are many things about it that can work for a budget wedding:

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Image Courtesy of: Jenny Stein Photography

Centrally locate the candy bar. This makes for maximum visual impact and ensures that your guests will see it and enjoy it.

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Image Courtesy of: Jenny Stein Photography

Fill one SMALL table. 5-6 candy-filled vessels on a small table look more expansive (and expensive) than 5-6 containers on a huge table.

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Image Courtesy of: Jenny Stein Photography

Color coordinate your candies. Most likely, your wedding has a theme and that theme involves a specific color palette. Choose candies in those colors and they will add a sweet and stunning impact to your reception.

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Image Courtesy of: Jenny Stein Photography

Use scoops. You can pick up metal scoops from any rural/farm store or grab these from Amazon. Make them even cooler by adding a ribbon or twine.

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Image Courtesy of: Jenny Stein Photography

Make (or buy*) labels and tags. Label your containers with the names of the candies or use Leslie and Joseph’s cute idea and create labels inspired by your relationship. *I make labels and love helping out Tulle Nation – email me for rates!

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Image Courtesy of: Jenny Stein Photography

Fancy up the bags. Use colored bags, glassine bags, or ones made form fabric scraps – anything that matches your theme or colors will make the whole candy buffet look more impressive. Using plain paper bags? Dress them up with fun labels like Leslie and Jospeh did!

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Image Courtesy of: Jenny Stein Photography

Candy buffet (like the ones by Glam Candies) are amazing to look at (and taste!) because of the careful thought put into them. Any budget can use the tips and suggestions above to create an affordable candy buffet for their reception! Are any of you doing a candy buffet for your wedding? How are you keeping the cost down? Share your tips with the class!